About Us

Boğaziçi University Construction Materials Laboratory has been established in the Gates Hall (first engineering building) when the School of Engineering has been founded with its civil, mechanical and electrical engineering departments in 1912 at Robert College. The laboratory has been moved first to the Perkins Hall (new engineering building) in early 1960s and then to the Kare Block (laboratory building) in the North Campus in 1985. Since then Construction Materials Laboratory is continuously equipped with the state of the art measurement and loading apparatus providing displacement and force based testing components and systems.

Construction Materials Laboratory provides the civil engineering students with hands-on experience on several aspects of materials science and engineering through serving the undergraduate courses Materials Science (CE 211) and Engineering Materials (CE 212) as well as graduate level courses Advanced Materials Science (CE 544), Theory and Design of Measurement Systems (CE 554) and Plain Concrete (CE 578). Civil engineering master and doctorate students conduct the experimental part of their reseach work utilizing high technology, state of the art equipment reserved for the recent field of research on concrete and cement based composites. Construction Materials Laboratory also serves for the quality assurance testing, design and consulting for the concrete industry in Turkey.